Senoia: Coweta Street Park

Coweta Street Park Initiative

The Coweta Street Park Initiative is a project of the Coweta Community Foundation that is focused on being the difference in some of Senoia’s most disadvantaged youth. 


The initiative is more than just renovating a park. It’s about connecting community and creating opportunity. The park is located in the middle of Senoia’s Housing Authority. It is in disrepair and is currently restricted to only residents of the Housing Authority, which puts up a virtual wall that limits opportunity for some of Senoia’s most at-risk children. 


The Coweta Street Park Initiative will change this. It will renovate the existing park creating a clean safe park open to all residents of Senoia. It will break down the limiting opportunity wall, facilitating cross-class friendships which are so critical to the success of these children; it will bring us closer to being one community. 


The initiative has raised over $200,000 in 2022 in cash and in-kind commitments.   Check out the webpage to see how you can help be the difference.