About Us

Our Story

The Coweta Community Foundation, Inc. was established in 1997 under the guidance of the Newnan-Coweta Chamber.

The Foundation was established to maintain the charitable intent of donors and to act as a catalyst to help focus local philanthropy on our community’s changing needs. The Foundation manages funds that directly support a variety of community interests such as women’s and children’s issues, public safety, education, and the arts.

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In 1997, the first major project of the Foundation, Kids’ Castle Playground, was completed.

The Board didn’t stop with Kids’ Castle Playground. Little did they realize at the time, but they became visionaries. This group of individuals quickly recognized that we had nonprofit agencies in our community that found it financially impossible to apply for and receive their 501(c)(3) status, so the Board decided to become a Fiscal Sponsor. The Board was able to extend our nonprofit status to three nonprofit agencies — CLICK (Certified Literate Is Coweta’s Key), our Adult Education program; Coweta FERST Foundation; and Stepping Stones. These visionaries were able to give these much-needed agencies the ability for their donors to deduct their contributions and for these agencies to apply for grants to bring funds to Coweta to support their wonderful programs.

Not too long after that, The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County came under the wing of The Foundation as well. By providing them the same platform as we did the first three groups, The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts Board of Directors was able to acquire funds from The Lauren Stepaniak Foundation and The Thomas McKeehan Estate, both of which provided funds for string instruments and the beautiful Steinway piano.

In 2013, The Coweta Community Foundation and The Coweta Together Foundation merged under the name of The Coweta Community Foundation in an effort to better serve the citizens of Coweta County.

Both organizations share a common ground and a common passion to serve the citizens of Coweta County. This merger allows both organizations to maximize their impact on the community. Both organizations have placed an increased emphasis on relationship building and networking opportunities between local organizations. The goal is connecting local organizations to ensure that more Coweta citizens receive the help they need and deserve.

Today, we currently act as Fiscal Sponsor to three organizations — Stepping Stones, Puddle Jumpers,  and Coweta STEM Institute.

Also, your Coweta Community Foundation is the only Community Foundation that hosts a payroll deduction platform to serve 1 to 5,000 employees for any business or corporation!

We are so thankful for our founding members and what they started because, as of today, it is estimated that The Coweta Community Foundation has become a catalyst to place over $750,000 in individual and corporate philanthropic dollars into the hands of our community’s nonprofit agencies and organizations and have impacted countless Coweta citizens.

What’s raised in Coweta, Strengthens Coweta.

Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to enhance our community’s quality of life by encouraging philanthropic interaction in Coweta County.

  • The Foundation provides a catalyst to help focus local philanthropy on our community’s changing needs.
  • The Foundation manages individual gifts and bequests that enhance and support the quality of life in Coweta County.

Our Goals

Guided by its mission, the Foundation has the following goals:

  • To be a catalyst for the establishment of endowments to benefit the community now and into the future
  • To serve the varied interests and needs of donors
  • To provide leadership and resources in identifying and meeting community needs
  • To serve as a steward of funds
  • To encourage collaboration among community organizations and agencies