Frequently Asked Questions

The Coweta Community Foundation (CCF) is a 501(C)3 which abides by the Internal Revenue Service’s guidelines allowing local nonprofits to obtain tax-deductible donations and also funds grant requests within Coweta County. CCF was established in 1997 so that local projects could raise funds and offer tax-deductible giving to our local community. The Coweta Community Foundation exists so that we can leverage funds on an ongoing basis and spread the monies collected in a lasting effort to address the needs in our county. Community Foundations provide services – all in an area that the IRS has defined as tax-exempt – for three distinct constituencies: charitable donors, nonprofit organizations and the community-at-large.

The Community Foundation receives contributions large and small from various people within the community. We then invest the money and manage the funds until needs arise in our community. We then fund grants to local nonprofits which benefit Coweta County residents. We provide cost-effective administrative services to an assortment of donors and grow the collective endowments while also fulfilling the wishes of the donor.

We have no set limits on contributing. While some funds have a beginning threshold to start up, all contributions are accepted and placed in an issue-related fund or in the general grants fund. No gift is too small, and we promise you that we will pour these gifts back into this community to enrich lives.

Your contributions go to The Coweta Community Foundation, where we give all nonprofit organizations in Coweta County the opportunity to apply for grant awards from the grants fund during our annual grants cycle. This cycle begins in April of each year with a mandatory grant session for nonprofit agencies and award notifications are in December with funding in January so that each organization can plan its annual budget.

Please contact the Executive Director, Orren Jones, at 770-253-1833, or you can email her at Also, please visit our website,, or our Facebook page for more information.

There are several through The Coweta Community Foundation. Please contact the Foundation to find out what is available for you and your family to carry out your current charitable desires or to leave a legacy for the nonprofits in Coweta County. The Coweta Community Foundation can tailor plans to meet you and your family’s charitable needs.

Yes! Please look under our events tab and select calendar. Every nonprofit that serves Coweta residents can submit to have their event listed on the calendar.

Before January 31, you will receive a tax letter from The Coweta Community Foundation with the amount that you gifted from the previous year.

CCF has a fund available for an individual, family or corporation, which we call a Donor-Advised Fund.

      • CCF process is much easier and less expensive, as there are no setup costs and minimums of as low as $1,000 to start. With low administrative costs, more of your money helps fulfill your true wishes.
      • CCF process is easier and less expensive to maintain. Our administrative fees are pro-rated among all funds, and the expense is shared.
      • CCF can provide a greater tax deduction.
      • CCF has easy access to information about local nonprofits seeking support.
      • CCF is able to take donations of stock options, real estate, securities, insurance policies, etc. without most standard IRS limitations.
      • CCF allows you to give on your own timeline and not a mandated schedule.
      • Avoids the 1-2% excise tax on investment income.

Yes. Not only do we host training events, co-host roundtable events for nonprofit leaders and provide support by connecting nonprofits to one another or with partners who can help them from an administrative nature, we also have tools and resources through memberships with organizations such as The Foundation Center Atlanta, Southeastern Council of Foundations and Pro-Bono Atlanta. Please visit our Nonprofit Resources tab for more information on some of the tools for established nonprofit agencies.


No. However, please visit our Community Resources tab and see The Coweta Family Connection Community Resource Guide. This guide can help you find assistance and services here in Coweta.


This number is hard to pin down. We estimate that there are nearly 200 plus nonprofit agencies in Coweta County. We find this number by utilizing websites such as Guidestar, the IRS Charitable Search Website and The Secretary of State Charitable Registration Websites. One of the goals of The Foundation is to create a master list of nonprofit agencies and we are currently working on this. At this time, we have identified over 150 agencies and we hear of more every day. While we have identified these agencies, we have not necessarily been able to verify the services that they provide to our community. However, by July 1st, 2017 we will begin to have a Directory of verified nonprofit agencies on our website under the Volunteer/Community Resources tab that will provide a list of verified nonprofit agencies who provide services to our community and it’s citizens.