2022 Grant Recipients

LTR Grants: total awarded $280,100

Foundation Christian Church, Newnan City Church, Plant Newnan and RiverLife – Tree & Debris Assistance Collaboration Project


$96,000 RiverLife, on behalf of the collaborative group- Foundation Christian Church, Newnan City Church and Plant Newnan, Inc., – each working in the expertise and mission of their specific organization bringing assistance to many survivors as we help remove trees and debris from their properties. The requests for assistance from homeowners in Coweta have not ended with the new year. There is still much to do in our recovery efforts. As of late, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests for larger, more difficult issues that pertain to trees and debris caused by the March 2021 EF-4 tornado, which pose a threat to the structure of homes or the safety of the homeowners. In some cases, the requests are for trimming large tree limbs only, but in others it is for complete tree felling and removal of stumps or root balls.


Unfortunately, these types of services are beyond the capabilities of our organizations and volunteers because we lack the training and equipment required to perform these tasks safely. To be done safely and correctly, these jobs require a professional tree service to complete the work. Professional tree services are by far the most expensive contracted services that tornado survivors will need to hire in their recovery efforts. RiverLife is committed to continuing to organize groups as needed to off-set professional services in order to continue our recovery efforts.


Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity, Inc


$25,000 NCHFH’s CEO, Eric Miller, sits on the Long-Term Tornado Recovery Allocations Committee. Based on NCHFH Tornado Recovery Repair Program Criteria, funds will be disbursed to support cases in which the family’s annual revenue may be up to 100% of AMI and who own and reside in the home. There will be no insurance obligation and no repayment obligation.


Our objective is to contribute up to $51k between affiliate funds and grant funds to support tornado recovery efforts in Coweta County. The Long-Term Disaster Recovery Committee will coordinate specific repair projects for applicants using the money donated by NCHFH and other community partners.


The amount of funds NCHFH will contribute to each repair is dependent on the needs of each respective homeowner and the financial contributions of other organizations at the table. NCHFH will use all grant funds received to support as many tornado recovery efforts as possible until the grant money has been exhausted.


Repair needs presented to the Allocations Committee will be funded by NCHFH and other organizations. The repairs will be carried out by the long term recovery construction manager and their team. Our success will be measured by how many families these monies contribute to returning to safe, sanitary, and secure housing situations.


The outcome of these efforts will be that homeowners in Coweta County will have repairs made to their homes that directly address the destruction caused by the March 2021 tornado.


Inspiritus – Construction Manager


$125,000 Inspiritus has been honored to be an important partner in the Coweta Long Term Recovery (LTR) efforts by providing a Construction Manager to oversee the rebuild of Coweta post storm. The Construction Manager was hired in the fall of 2021 but resigned in February. They have now hired a new Construction Manager, as we move into year two of rebuilding Coweta. They requested funding to assist with the payroll of this position and program expenses.


One Roof Ecumenical Outreach – Group counseling


$9100 One Roof Ecumenical Outreach has hired a staff member to provide counseling to the community. She has had one individual client, and participated in 30 hours of lay counseling training at Southcrest Church as of today. We have developed some group projects for seniors and are going to begin with the Tommy Thompson Senior Center on Hospital Road in Newnan. We want to bring these art therapy projects related to family life to as many seniors centers as we can this summer. We plan to address this group because of the distress related to tornado damage, ongoing fears, and perhaps it is even increased due to separation from families due to COVID-19 in the same time period.


Union City Housing Authority / Housing Authority of Newnan – Tornado Recovery Utility/Maintenance for (5) RV Campers


$25,000 The HAN received a donation of six movie campers with five (5) of them that are fully furnished that are placed on one of our properties (10 Jordan Street Newnan, Ga. 30263). We are able to house five homeowners at a time and allow them to stay in the campers for up to six months at no cost to them during their transition. The HAN will pay all selected utility and maintenance vendors invoices submitted to us on behalf of the one-going utility and or maintenance cost for the RV campers and will continue to seek additional grants and donations for their monthly cost.


We expect that we will serve a minimum of 25 residents during their transition while they are waiting for their current homes to be renovated, rebuilt and or relocated to a new, affordable living arrangement.


The funds will help in maintain a clean, safe environment for the tenants who are currently residing in the RV’s; to help cover the cost of monthly utility bills as well as maintenance up-keep of the RV’S.


Nonprofit Summit Grants: total awarded $25,000

Backstreet Community Arts, Inc. – Nonprofit Summit Grant (Coweta)

Open Studio Operational Expenses and Improvements $2500


Coweta CASA, Inc. – Nonprofit Summit Grant (Coweta)

CASA Volunteer Support $2500


Coweta Family Connection Corp – Nonprofit Summit Grant (Newnan)

Mindfulness Manipulatives for Student Mental Health $5000


Coweta FORCE – Nonprofit Summit Grant (Newnan)

Addiction Recovery Peer Support Center $5000


Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity, Inc. – Nonprofit Summit Grant (Newnan)

Brush with Kindness Critical Home Repair Program. $8000


Yeager Road Community Resource Center – Nonprofit Summit Grant (Newnan)

Hopeful Tutoring $2000