2017 Grant Recipients

2017 Recipients

Arbor Springs Elementary
$250 Teaching Children Keyboarding Techniques Through A Whole Body Approach.

Elm Street Elementary

$750 Empowering Students to Find Friends in a Clear and Painless Way While Retaining Dignity.

White Oak Elementary

$500 Designing and Building Constellations with LED Lights


Madras Middle School

$750 Facilitating Better Instruction with the proper furniture


Evans Middle School

$750 Enhancing Learning Through Textbooks


Central Educational Center

$580 Teaching Students to Learn to use new Technology


East Coweta High School

$170 Forensic Science – Teaching Students how terrorists are stopped from gaining access to airplanes before take off.


Newnan High School

$750 Teaching Students to Get Involved in the Community Through Service Projects.


Newnan Coweta Humane Society

$1,000 Trap Spay and Neuter Program for Cats



$2,500 One year maintenance for a horse that provides weekly therapy to clients


Senoia Area Historical Society, Inc.

$1,000 General operating expenses to run the all volunteer organization.


Patrons of the Centre

$2,000 Providing funding for one show for Coweta Elementary School Students Live Program


Coweta STEM Institute

$1,000 8th Grade Field Trip Experience


Boys and Girls Club – Newnan/Coweta

$3,500 For the Book Club for ages 6-14


Southern Conservation Trust

$750 For Conservation Camp for Coweta Students


Guitars not Guns

$1,500 Pilot Program for At Risk Youth


Stepping Stones

$750 New Coweta Mothers program at Piedmont Newnan Hospital


Continental Societies

$2,000 Funding for the 3 part Generation of Promise Leadership Academy for At Risk Youth


Coweta Special Olympics

$1,000 Coweta Spring Games


Community Welcome House

$1,500 Operational Expenses


Meals On Wheels of Coweta

$3,400 Supplies to package 26,000 meals


Newnan -Coweta Habitat For Humanity

$2,000 The Brush With Kindness repair program


Bridging The Gap

$3,600 To offset the cost of their first annual audit


Coweta CASA

$4,000 To train their CASA Volunteers to assist Foster Children in Coweta County


Real Life Center

$1,000 To assist Coweta families financially


Can’t Never Could

$1,000 To assist with scholarship program for students in Coweta who have been affected by cancer