Set Up Your Own Fund

Through The Coweta Community Foundation's customized philanthropic services, you will find many ways to contribute and accomplish your charitable goals. You can create a Fund tailored to your specific interests; select a broad charitable purpose to benefit from your Fund; or advise The Coweta Community Foundation as to which charitable organizations should receive grants, among other options.

When creating your Fund, answer these questions:

  • What charitable causes are important to you? We support a broad range of charitable causes.
  • How much are you able to give? Some funds can be established with as little as $1,000.
  • What type of gift would you like to give? We accept cash; everybody likes cash. But we also accept gifts such as securities, real estate and life insurance.
  • When do you want to give? You can start your fund immediately or use a deferred gift. We can help you get started in minutes.
  • What type of Fund do I create? This is where our expertise comes in. We want to help you choose the right fund for your gift. Review our Types of Funds to see which is best for you.
  • What is my next step? Contact us at 770-253-1833 or by email to start your fund today. We are here to help.

Professional Advisors

As a life advisor, you have clients who care about philanthropy. The Coweta Community Foundation is here to help. We work closely with Life Advisors such as investment managers, financial advisors, attorneys, trust officers, accountants and other professional wealth managers. We help you help your clients integrate charitable giving into their financial and estate plans.

The Coweta Community Foundation has unique competencies to support individuals, families, companies, and charitable organizations in making gifts, current or deferred, to accomplish specific personal goals and benefit their community. We are a philanthropic partner for you and your clients.

If you are an individual or a professional advisor helping a client interested in structuring a way to support charitable opportunities or community needs, let us be your partner. For complimentary information about giving through The Coweta Community Foundation, contact us at 770-253-1833 or email us at